Mental Health Awareness Week – Loneliness

During this years Mental Health Awareness Week companies and individuals across the UK will be reflecting on the theme of loneliness and how it impacts our mental health.

Mark Rowland Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation said:

“We hope this year’s theme of loneliness will strike a chord with many of us who felt lonely and struggled throughout the Covid pandemic…Loneliness deserves more attention and we’re calling on everyone who has struggled as a result of being lonely to share their experiences. We must work together – as individuals, as a society and through government policy – to reduce loneliness and prevent mental health problems by investing in welcoming, social spaces and new community initiatives.”

“Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. But hundreds of thousands of people are still struggling”[1]. “Loneliness is a key contributor to poor mental health outcomes. And HSE figures identify stress, anxiety and depression as the second highest cause of ill health in the construction industry”[2]. With “suicide rates amongst construction workers more than 3 times higher the national average”[3] it is clear the industry needs to act now. Industry specific charities such as Mates in Mind and initiatives such as Building Mental Health Framework are working hard to provide resources, establish best practice and end the stigma surrounding mental health within the construction industry. 

Here at VOLOCO we are participating in raising awareness of loneliness by

  • Discussing the topic in our team catch up – A weekly video chat first introduced during the COVID-19 lockdowns and continued ever since to ensure social interaction was maintained and encouraged between our geographically spaced team.
  • Sharing information and resources through our social media channels.

Further information and resources

Help and Advice from Mental Health Foundation on coping with loneliness, how to improve your mental health and how to support others who are feeling lonely. Click here

Marmalade Trust is a charity specifically dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness. Their website includes a wide range of information including their action led three step approach. Click here

Loneliness and Mental Health Report UK – This report explores what it’s like to be lonely: its causes, consequences and the groups of people who are more likely to experience severe and enduring loneliness. Click here

Tips and advice from Mind. Click here

Information and support on all mental health topics from Mind. Click here




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Mental health awareness week

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Mental Health Awareness Week – Loneliness
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