“The pursuit of happiness…well a disputed sum anyway”

Electrical Subcontractor -v- Specialist Contractor


A payment dispute between the two parties was festering and unresolved. The sum in dispute was not considerable but enough to impact the electrical subcontractor and it became emotive.

Despite a level of dialogue between the parties on the detail and causation of the sum claimed, nothing was getting agreed or accepted.

The electrical subcontractor became frustrated, and as often can happen, the issue was put on the back burner for a while.

Then VOLOCO where approached for some early free telephone advice on how the electrical subcontractor could further pursue their case and recover, as they felt, money fairly due to them.

So what did VOLOCO do?

The electrical subcontractor (then becoming a VOLOCO client) decided they wished us to pursue the disputed sum. So, we prepared a Fee Offer to take the claim forward based on a fixed fee to look, in depth, at the voracity of the claim, prepare, and advise our client of a strategy to recover monies considered due.

We presented our review to our client based on the information presented and any rejection arguments that the client had already received. Following receipt of our review, VOLOCO were then instructed to proceed.

The next stage fee was structured on a “Conditional Fee” basis or more often known as “No Win, No Fee” basis. The client was therefore protected from any further VOLOCO fees unless the claim is successful.

The VOLOCO consultant then prepared a letter of claim with supporting documents and issued to the other party. This was followed up and information exchanges. The client is advised each step in the process with transparent and regular communication.

Did VOLOCO resolve the dispute?

Yes, we did. The claim was settled and agreed between the parties and as in almost all money disputes, both sides compromised to settle, with a significant portion of the sum claimed being agreed.

Had VOLOCO not been appointed, it would have been highly likely our client would have walked away empty handed.

Why Use VOLOCO and not a solicitor?

Good question. Certainly, in some circumstances where there is no dispute regarding sums due, a solicitor is the right way to go. However, solicitors are expensive, and they are not best placed to argue construction related money disputes. Some solicitors do offer expertise in construction disputes, but often when looking at the cost with solicitors to run a dispute, many claimants are put off.

VOLOCO are not solicitors or trained lawyers. But we live and breathe construction contract and money disputes day in and day out. We are professionally trained to do so.

Confidentiality and conflict of interest

We always check on first contact any conflict of interest. Maybe we are working with someone who is already our client with whom you have a dispute. In this instance we will tell you. 

All communications are confidential, and we will not disclose information without your authority.

We talk your language

Still unsure, book a call and talk to us. We don’t use complex language with our clients. We are straightforward, honest and use plain English.

The pursuit of happiness…well a disputed sum anyway

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