Importance of an Information Request Schedule

Has all the information required to complete a project been completed before entering into contract? How can the information required be managed to ensure it is received on time?

Most projects involve more than one designer and or consultant and it may be your role to employ the designers and manage the process. Sometimes this may include subcontractors who have design responsibility, where they are required to provide a detailed design, which will need to be issued to the other design consultants for comment & approval. This process needs to be planned and managed.

An Information Request Schedule (IRS) is a tool that can do this by scheduling out the information required to complete the project. This tool would typically include dates for release of information and identify which design team or sub-contractor with design responsibility is accountable for providing the information.

When developing an IRS it is important to include reasonable durations for the design approval procedures, dates for specialist contractor designs, manufacture and lead times for delivery to site. With the approval process, allow time for more than one approval/comment process as the information submitted may need revising and resubmitting for a second or even a third approval process. The durations provided for the approval/comment process could vary for each consultant and this should be identified in the consultant appointment documents. If the IRS is completed before the appointment documents, the IRS can provide the duration for comment/approval to input into the appointment document.

Using the information within the IRS is very advantageous in demonstrating that the release dates provided to consultants are credible and realistic. It is important that the consultants review and agree with the dates for the release of information as this document can be used to record and monitor their performance. The IRS should be kept up to date and be a live document throughout the project. Should the construction programme be altered, the IRS should be amended, and any implications be highlighted to the delivery team.


All projects will require necessary information to be developed during the contract. The IRS ensures that the information required is scheduled out and managed so that the information is provided in a reasonable timeframe and meets the contract programme.

If you need further advice or assistance in developing an IRS for your project, we can support you and your business with this.

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