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By VOLOCO LLP, Mar 29 2019 03:37PM

You may believe that if a Nominated Sub-Contractor is in breach of contract, a Contractor would automatically be entitled to loss and expense.

However, although the Employer may have made arrangements with the Sub-Contractor, it would only be in relation to the initial order detailing who was to be the nominated Sub-Contractor, not a direction in relation to the matters which called in the provision for compensation for loss and expense. As the contract between the Contractor and the Sub-Contractor is separate to the main contract, the Employer cannot be responsible for the breach of a contract they are not party to.

We are soon to be launching an innovative Contractor Support service aimed at providing advice and support to individuals and companies who may be experiencing challenges or with growth and improvement ambitions.


VOLOCO LLP are developing an online portal providing access to a range of procedures, guidance and forms, learning tools, access to remote online and telephone support and face-to-face consultant time with one of our team.


If this is something that you feel would benefit you or your business and want to find out more, please get in touch by email or telephone.

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