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By VOLOCO LLP, Sep 28 2019 02:34PM

On several building projects if not all projects involve two or more designers and/or consultants who will design elements of the building. Many projects will involve an architect, structural and civil engineer, building services engineers and specialist design consultants.

If all of these designers and consultants work in isolation this is when issues arise, the role of the lead designer is to ensure that all design elements are co-ordinated therefore it is important to appoint a lead designer on all projects. The lead designer directs and co-ordinates other designers involved with the project, this includes any specialist designers who are appointed.

By VOLOCO LLP, Oct 31 2018 11:23PM

Has all the information required to complete a project been completed before entering into contact? How can the information required be managed to ensure it is received on time?

Most projects involve more than one designer and or consultant and it may be your role to employ the designers and manage the process. Sometimes this may include subcontractors who have design responsibility, where they are required to provide a detailed design which will need to be issued to the other design consultants for comment & approval, this process needs to be planned and managed.

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